Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ten Things: September 2012

Ten Things to Smile About: September 2012

Spending time with my giggly little nieces.  They always crack me up and they are so much fun to be around.

My first born entering the first year of sports for his school team.

This season is flag football and I think these boys couldn't be any cuter.  We play lots of sports around here but until now I couldn't understand how sweet it is to watch your child be a teammate to children he's literally grown up with.
I love #8!
 Soccer season starting for The Princess.  She is much more talented than she gives herself credit for, but all we're learning as we go.  She is having fun and we love to see her in action.
And isn't Neon Ninjas the cutest team name?!?!?
Spending quality time with girlfriends.  Lunch dates, shared dinners crammed between practice schedules, cupcakes and chats on the phone.  My family is EVERYTHING but man I love my girlfriends.  You know who you are.
An outdoor concert and night out with E.  We shared some drinks with friends before the show and had a great night.  I don't ever want to get so wrapped up in being a Mom that I forget that I was Mrs. first.

Showing The Princess that sometimes it's totally worth it to work your tail off.  She LOVES the transformation that is happening in her room.  It's a work in progress but she has total pride in what's hers and works on it a little every day.  Too cute!
Fall baseball season.
The Athlete will move up to a new age bracket this year and the pitcher's mound is ten feet further from home plate.  I'd be OK not to play the "extra" season but no one makes me love baseball like this kid.
Trader Joe's.
We're working hard to pack better lunches and eat dinner at home more.  That can't mean coq au vin for our family, but it does mean good, easy and (as) healthy (as possible).  They can't be beat for good, well-priced produce and easy to prepare meals.
Being Mom to the girliest, girly girl in the history of the world.  She loves mani/pedis, shiny lip gloss and sleeping in curlers.  I happen to find all of that totally irresistable.

Princess self-portrait
Seeing good grades and happy faces come home from school. Both of my angels have become avid readers and carry books with them when they're going to have down time. It's still early days, but I do love to see a folder full of 100% papers on Fridays.
Every day feels like a gift to me.  I am admittedly more gracious in receiving those gifts on certain days but I am constantly mindful of how beautiful every day is with healthy children and the life that E and I are sharing with them.  Ten Things each month is not enough, but it's a great place to start.
Emmy Mom


Dabalack Family said...

Love the room makeover, great job girls, just don't show Bella she will want one too.. :)

Emmy said...

I spent the last two days overhauling Alex's room- or more like finding her room and she is loving it now so I am like just keep it this way!! Time will tell

How fun to be playing flag football! When I played flag football for the first time in junior high I finally understood the game for the first time in my life and didn't think of it as totally boring :)

Neon Ninjas is a fun name. And yea for date nights! And yes they are so necessary.

Thanks so much for always linking up


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