Saturday, April 5, 2008

Friendly Neighborhood Helpers

Max Montoya & Gavin Cuevas

Concordia Elementary hosted their Kindergarten Spring Performance yesterday, Friendly Neighborhood Helpers. Lots of Max's friends have older siblings so the first year of school is not as magical for their parents as it is for me. I am amazed and impressed with how much the kids are learning, both academically and about how to succeed in the world. I was surprised with their props, ALL of the dialogue and just how charming a whole bunch of 5 and 6 year olds are when they are focused. Max (and his friend, Gavin) were firefighters and they were darling! Below is the link for a two minute video of the firefighters' performance. There were also dentists, veterinarians, grocers, librarians and plumbers. Each vocation had their own script and song while the remainder of the "cast" sang back up for them.

We had a "Cast Party" at Beau's house for the entire K2 class. What fun for them?!?!? A pool, a jacuzzi and a trampoline. Woo hoo! I was delighted to share in it all and spend the day with my my little guy who's growing up so fast. There are lots of neat kids in his class and we are thrilled to be having fun with families in our neighborhood. It's going to be a great summer at the beach!

p.s. I need a little more work on my video uploading skills . . . I will post as soon as I can figure it out!!

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