Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Who are these children . . .

Have you ever seen that shirt? I remember what seemed like decades ago seeing that shirt and thinking "what a sad unhappy housewife she must be to wear that".
WELL, that was in the days of me being a happy stay-at-home Mom/ sometimes Event Consultant and thinking that every burp and coo from Max was headline worthy. I am NOT an unhappy housewife and I DO love my children, but Man oh Man do they ever stop talking?
On occasion, like today, Pia gets up before I do and starts her day standing on my side of the bed TALKING.
"Mom, are you sleeping?"
"Mom, can I watch a cartoon?"
"Mom, I want some cereal."
"Mom" . . ."Mom" . . . "Mom"
She proceeds to talk all the way through my shower about the dog, her hair, wearing flip flops to school and who will pick her up this afternoon. It's barely 7 AM. I can generally make it through the morning chatter well enough because there are diversions. Getting dressed, breakfast, teeth brushing, hair styles, vitamins, etc.
THE CAR is an entirely different story. Have you seen the auto commercial where the parent straps the little girl in the seat while she is talking and she is still talking after the Driver's door closes and the car is moving? Welcome to a Montoya vehicle. Now Pia's chatter is compounded by Max's ten million questions about every single thing in the world.
"Mom, is today the second Wednesday in April?"
"Mom, can we call Nana when you pick me up from camp?"
"Mom, what are Olympics?"
"Mom, is Pia going to school first?"
We haven't even gotten on the Freeway for Pete's sakes!
I love them, I am genuinely grateful that they are articulate and are curious about the world, but there are days that I truly wish they would wait until they were with their friends to talk about it all! Point of the story is, you definitely do not have to be a sad, unhappy housewife to want to ignore your children sometimes. You just have to have a set of working ears. Not sure if I'd wear the shirt in public, but I can at least understand the sentiment now. Lucky me ; )

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