Wednesday, April 16, 2008

All I want for Christmas . . .

The Tooth Fairy is coming to San Clemente tonight!

Max had an unfortunate accident at school yesterday that left him with a badly cracked front tooth. He was a brave little soul and I realize now that he wasn't complaining because he was afraid of having it pulled. We did have to make a trip to his Dentist's office, but after some strawberry-scented nitrous oxide and a huge cup of ice cream, he's as good as new!

The crack went all the way through his tooth to the root and was exposing the nerve. We wouldn't have made it through one more day without a problem. We have a plastic tooth container with the four pieces of his tooth under his pillow tonight. Max has assured me that Santa told the Tooth Fairy how to get to our house. Smart kid!! What exactly does the Tooth Fairy bring these days? I guess we'll find out shortly. I need to be sure the Tooth Fairy has some cash. Oh, Tooth Fairy, where are you . . .

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Meghan said...

I hope you researched the Tooth Faries rate of inflation. I hear a tooth have a better value than gold or silver these days. It's a good thing they are relatively small. I am glad to hear Max was not serioulsy hurt and doing okay. Meg


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