Monday, April 14, 2008

Date Night (Weekend)!!


Ed and I went away for the weekend and it was NICE! I was invited to a Hilton event in Santa Barbara and we were thrilled with the chance to getaway on our own. Before we left I was pretty sure we hadn't even shared a meal alone since sometime in February! Max & Pia were lucky enough to sleepover with their Grandma and Grandpa and we enjoyed some much needed down time. We had dinner, cocktails, more than a two minute conversation and some gorgeous California sunshine. I even read a book! On Saturday we did a downhill (down a 4,000 ft HILL!) bike ride that AND went swimming, all in the same day! When we got home yesterday I almost felt human again. Of course, a weekend away leaves lots of laundry stacked up and a list of chores that were missed. But that's the beauty of a getaway. At least for a few minutes you can forget it all! I hope you and yours had a nice weekend, too.

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