Monday, March 31, 2008

I Love Sundays

We work, we travel, we get out and about and that's just who we are. BUT, there is something about the slow, sweet pace of a Sunday that I just love. Max and Pia have started to understand that church is just what we do and I like that. I feel like for all of the other things we do wrong so much of the time that we might be doing that right. We are definitely working on church manners, but at least they know they are supposed to be there. We hauled a Barbie and Spongebob Legos to mass this week, but we made it all the way through without going to the bathroom even once. Amen to that! After church we worked in the yard for a few hours and it's amazing how great a couple of new flowers can make you feel on a Spring day : ) Ed had the brilliant idea to get out the kids' Bounce House so we could all be out front together and Max's friend, Beau, came over and played. I cleaned a little, made dinner, did laundry and thanked God for my many blessings. Sometimes a little bit of nothing is all we need.

p.s. Pia spent so much time in the sun, and the bouncer, and being dramatic because she didn't have a friend over that she wore herself out. She wanted to help make dinner and when I realized that no one had cried in a long time I went to look for her. I found her in her brother's room. I sure love that girl when she is sleeping . . .

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