Monday, March 3, 2008

No More Surveys, please

I have gotten two of those emails in the last couple of days asking what's under my bed and what my favorite smell is. I do like to RECEIVE those messages that tell me what my friends love eating and what book they're reading, but I detest having to return them. Call me selfish, but I am not returning one ever again. Instead, here is my list

10 Things I Love

  • Hydrangeas
  • Starbucks - love the coffee, love the cookies, muffins, mints . . . Love it all
  • Children who like to snuggle
  • The So Cal cool guy look - long sleeved button down shirt, nice jeans, flip flops. HOT!
  • A great conversation with a girlfriend
  • Photographs - old ones for memories, other people's to tell a story . . .
  • Getting something (a room, my desk, a drawer) clean and organized. Sad I know, but I do love it
  • The internet (search engines and family websites, especially)
  • Gulf Coast Seafood - did you know you can't get grouper on the West Coast?
  • The smell of leather

    10 Things I Wish I Loved

  • Roses
  • Other people's children. I LIKE them, and for my friends I will even hug, feed and care for them, but I struggle to think anyone's children are as perfect as mine.
  • Television
  • Art projects
  • Politics - it's so much work to weed through all the negative press!
  • Personal fitness
  • Accounting
  • Road Trips
  • Discount Stores - I know there are deals to be had, but I can't find the charm in digging through a million things I don't need to find a full set of towels
  • The Dentist

    There you have it - all your questions answered. Please continue to send me all your dirty details, I really do love seeing them. Please just don't expect a list in return. Have a great week!


AEG74 said...

I am disturbed to find out that Emma's Auntie Kim, who she loves and adores so much, does not love her! It also disturbs me to know that she does not measure up to your completly perfect children. Let it be known that, as her parents, we know that without a doubt, she is at least as perfect as yours...maybe even more ;)

kmontoya said...

Please let me clarify - I do LOVE spending time with my honorary babies and would assume custody of Cannon Thiessen any day of the week if given the opportunity. The comment was really directed towards random children in Max's class with the attention span of bumblebees and little girls with green boogers and no hair bows in Pia's class. I wish I could love them and I just can't!!

AEG74 said...

So now it's Cannon over Emma, huh? Poor girl just can't win!


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