Monday, March 24, 2008

Girls' Weekend

Pia and I had a Girl's Weekend while our guys were in Arizona for Padres Spring Training games. We didn't do anything spectacular, but it was a lot of fun to spend time alone with her. I love that blonde haired, blue eyed girl like crazy. She makes me so insane so much of the time, but then again I can only tolerate myself for so long. That's right, I am sure that she is drama as payback for my own early years, but that is little consolation for me when I can't take anymore of her madness. There was not a lot of orchestrated madness over the weekend. Pia relished the chance to have my undivided attention and to call the shots without recourse. She got some new spring clothes and got TWO baskets of popcorn with M&Ms in our homemade movie theater. If life were always this easy with her, I wouldn't be so concerned about her turning 14. But I am sure something will change my mind soon. It always does . . .

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