Monday, February 25, 2008

Gen Y - Not Me

I am not hip enough to be a solid fan of You Tube, but I have seen a select few videos that crack me up. Ed just shared with me the video of Miss South Carolina butchering a question on why Americans can’t find the US on a World Map. Oh, this poor girl!

I have decided that Pia needs to read more and watch cartoons less. She will need something to fall back on if her beauty fails her. I am sure that Miss South Carolina would agree!

Over the weekend we went to a SDSU Basketball Game and Pia was dressed in her cheerleading uniform. So cute! She loves this uniform more than I loved my wedding dress. I mean really, she’s just nuts about it. Every time she wears it I crack up laughing and call her “cheerleadah”, based on an Angelah Johnson skit that is on You Tube. Ed had never seen it so I looked it up and shared it with him today. If you’ve ever been to a nail salon and wondered what they were saying about you, you have to watch this!

Hope it gives you a laugh, too. Have a great week!

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