Sunday, March 30, 2008


It's baseball season and we are busy! I am married to a Sports Nut and I am slowly coming to realize that I also gave birth to one. Aside from his baseball card collection, attending more Major League Baseball games in six years than most adult men and a recent trip to Arizona for three Padres Spring Training games - he loves baseball (and football, and hockey and basketball . . .) We are in our second season of Little League and he's an Oriole. Ed also played Little League as an Oriole for several years and Max loves being on the same team that his Dad played on. We have games every Saturday from the end of February until the beginning of June and practice on Friday afternoons. It's a little consuming, but it's such a good feeling to see Max growing up and enjoying an activity so much. We had a late breakfast after his game this weekend and as we were leaving there was a little boy with his Dad that was on the team we just played against. As we walked through the restaurant to the parking lot the man says "Is that the lefty with the four outs?" That's right, baby! #6 is MY BOY! Go Orioles!

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