Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thirty Days of Thankful: Part 2

The month is almost over and year after year this renews itself as my favorite, and saddest, month.  Intentionally counting blessings is it's own gift, but the occasion of Thanksgiving always makes me miss home and my family.  Perhaps a gift in itself and a needed reminder of the good things that launched me to where I am now.  I am perhaps more thankful for that than anything.

30 Days of Thankful 2013

Days 11 through 20

11.11.13 - Day 11

I am filled with awe and gratitude for our military and their families.  Happy Veteran's Day to so many heroes including my dear Dad.  You are loved and appreciated today and every day.

11.12.13 - Day 12

Tonight I am thankful for cotillion and how much my kids enjoy it.  It is such a blessing for them to have fun with their friends in a drama free space where manners are COOL!

11.13.13 - Day 13

If you heard the news this morning then maybe you heard the woman from the Philippines saying "we don't need money or cell phones or television.  We need food."  I am thankful for every banana in my kitchen that is slightly overripe, every chicken breast that I forgot to thaw {again} to bake for dinner and every other staple I thoughtlessly skip when looking for a meal.  Today I am most thankful for food.

11.14.14 - Day 14

I am thankful for the view from our front porch this afternoon.  God's art is my very favorite.

11.15.13 - Day 15

Tonight I am beyond thankful that we have no commitments until noon tomorrow. Awesome!

11.16.13 - Day 16

I am thankful for a cozy place to call home.

11.17.13 - Day 17

Today I am thankful to be from a good family.  Not a famous family, not a rich family, but a GOOD family.  A family that taught me the value of hard work, honesty and worship and gifted me with the freedom to love deeply and to give without hesitation.

11.18.13 - Day 18

I am thankful for my amazing husband.  13 years ago today I became Mrs. Montoya and it's been a crazy ride, but I wouldn't change a minute of it for anything in the world.  Happy Anniversary Mr. Montoya!  You are everything MY husband should be and then some.  I can't wait to see what's in store for us next.  Forever and ever.

11.19.13 - Day 19

Today I am thankful for my sweet husband filling up my car with gas so I didn't have to and for a Starbucks skinny peppermint latte.  Little things make a big difference on busy mornings.

11.20.13 - Day 20

I am thankful today, and every day, for my Nanny.  She was the world's strongest, kindest, most faith-filled, loving woman EVER.  She would have literally given you every item of clothing from her closet, every ounce of food in her kitchen and loaded it all into her car for you if you said you needed it.  And then she still would have called you when you got home to see if you needed anything.  Disappointing my Nanny is the only thing that ever truly broke my heart and when I pray I honestly believe that she is sitting next the Lord listening.  She was so good and so incredibly perfect and Heaven is a much more appropriate place for her, but I still miss her beautiful face every single day.  Lucky me to have her in my world for more than 30 years.

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