Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2013: Thirty Days of Thankful

It's November and it is a gift to be able to peacefully prepare for the celebration of Thanksgiving and the approaching Advent season.  The Thankful Tree is again in a place of honor and we are filling it's tiny branches every day with gratitude from our hearts.  To carry on the tradition my daily Facebook posts of Thanks will be documented here for the month.

30 Days of Thankful 2013
Days 1 through 10

11.1.13 - Day One
Today I am thankful for the way technology allows me stay connected to friends who are far away. Photos on Facebook and Instagram, online chats about life and loss and blog posts about everything in between are all gifts to me.

11.2.13 - Day Two
Today I am thankful for my bonus Mom. She is the kindest, most generous soul I've ever met and she has loved me and my family as her own from Day 1. I honestly have no idea how my Dad ever got so dang lucky, but we are all thanking our lucky stars for the gift that she is. 

11.3.13 - Day Three
Today I am thankful for breakfast dishes, drinking coffee at baseball and folding laundry. The most simple days in our life is a gift that I cherish deeply.

11.4.14 - Day Four
Today I am thankful to be a Mom. I was never the girl that just wanted to be a Mom, but God gave me the two most amazing gifts that are everything I never knew I wanted. These people are the whole world to me.

11.5.13 - Day Five
Today I am thankful for courage. Aside from losing my family, there is nothing that really scares me. Well except birds. But besides that, I'm super thankful to have the courage to go after what I want and to stand up for what matters to me.

11.6.13 - Day Six
Today I am thankful for our sweet sitter. She picks up the kids from school, drives to practices and helps with homework. It's a small price to pay for the peace of mind we get from her help and the kids LOVE her!!

11.7.13 - Day Seven
Today I am thankful for Thursday morning carpool and back seat chats with my darling goddaughter. I'm so blessed by this sweet child.

11.8.13 - Day Eight
My heart is filled with thanks for days like today and the gift of spending time with our kids while they're still kids.
This came following a Friday out of school and  the four of us at Disneyland together for the afternoon.

11.9.13 - Day Nine
Yesterday I was thankful for this beautiful couple and the gift of new beginnings. I am a sucker for great parties and weddings are the best!!! We love you so much Mr & Mrs Schlegel! Aloha

11.10.13 - Day Ten
I am thankful for sunshine, blue skies and God's constant reminder that there is always something beautiful on the horizon.

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