Tuesday, October 16, 2012


It's taken some time for me to embrace the morning rush at my house. Every single breathing creature is annoyed to be woken up before they're ready. Even the dogs give me dirty looks while I'm banging around in the bathroom. But I've slowly come to understand that everyone has a better day when I set the tone for them. Good days are the ones where I am showered, made up, fully dressed and lunches are packed before I beg them to wake up. On those mornings I have the time to sit at the counter with them to talk about their plans for the day and what we have going on. There's ALWAYS something going on.

This morning was a good morning. Fully dressed, laundry running and lunches packed. My sweet peas slowly made their way to the kitchen with almost smiles on their faces. They ate toast and bartered over who was feeding the dogs. As the conversation evolved they got into a debate over who's busier and who was most entitled to be tired. To my great delight they acknowledged that we're all equally busy because we still travel in a pack and even if only one of them was at practice or playing a game the other was present. That rationale totally works for me.

Somewhere towards the end of the chatter about the 5th grade social studies project, 2nd grade mass uniforms and cotillion this question comes directly to me.

"Mom, do you think less successful kids are this busy?"

I'm still not sure if it makes me sad that they are questioning how busy they are but I am over the moon that they identify themselves as successful. All good mornings start with confident kids <3 br="br">

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