Friday, March 30, 2012

The Power of Thank You

It's not intentional that my recent posts have seemed a little melancholy.  I am not sad or unhappy. I am just humble.  And fearful that I am not grateful enough for all the goodness that is mine.  It's is my preference to smile broadly, love deeply and laugh loudly.  Always my preference.  And now added to that list is "say thank you".  Thank you is a word that comes easily to me, but maybe not enough. 

Amber over at London Reid is someone that I follow and admire. She makes beautiful jewelry and has handsome little boys. That should be enough, I think.  But she also is taking the time to say thank you in a very big way.  I am planning to join her.

This weekend I will be headed to the book store to pick up this book and get started on my thank yous. 

via London Reid 
 One thank you a day for 365 days.  My first thank you will go to Amber and it will come from the very bottom of my heart.

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