Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ten Things to Smile About: March 2012

Enjoying a Saturday afternoon - just me and my guy

Watching the Princess sleep with a PILE of animals and pillows to comfort her.  It looks like asthma is part of our past and I am so grateful for my healthy, feisty little Miss.

Girlfriends who are funny, love their families and mine and have great big hearts. 

The happy dogs who live here

Spring Flowers

A spur of the moment evening with our family and, of course, a performance

Indoor soccer starting and the Princess finding her place in the spotlight again

The Athlete and his sweet little dance partner winning the "game" at Cotillion

Amber's suggestion for the Thank You project

Having conversations about God's love with my children, their teachers and my friends

Linking with Emmy before it's too late - yay!!

1 comment:

Emmy said...

Hi! Sorry I have gotten behind on your blog. So so glad you linked up. So cute seeing the Athlete dancing like that and how awesome that they won!

Love your dogs sleeping- I would say your blonde haired dog got the better end of the deal but then again he is near the rear end :)

Love the picture of you and the athlete.

Thanks again for linking up!


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