Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week at a Glance

My favorite Sundays are sunny and crisp and end with a clean(er) house, clean pure hearts and a sense of accomplishment and preparedness for the week ahead. 

We're working towards that today in the spring sunshine and as I scrub the counters I am mentally recounting our week.  None of the pressures of week stick to me like the cooking spray that I can't get off the stove top.  NONE of that stays. It's only the sweet stuff that lingers.

Stuffed animal sleepovers

Pitching four innings

Cloudless skies and crashing waves

Undivided attention and hugs that last longer

So many of the moments in the week feel like chores, but it's so nice to remember how much goodness dwells in the every day.

1 comment:

Tooje said...

Indeed goodness dwells. As the weather gets better and better, it's getting easier to do that. I don't know the correlation, and I refuse to say I have that seasonal disorder, but there is something special about spring and summer! :)


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