Monday, March 19, 2012

Aww, not again

Graduation couldn't come fast enough. I was TOO cool to live at home for five more minutes and could not wait to rush my 17 year old self into the world. My girlfriend and I got an apartment before the ink dried on our high school diplomas and I went straight to work and college summer school courses. The thing I was the least interested in back then was my parents' opinions.

It's been many, many moons since that summer. I've grown up an awful lot in the last twenty years and I've developed an awful lot of respect for my parents. I am, however, still a little "too big for my britches" sometimes and don't reach out to my parents for help very often. Independence is a big part of who I am. Stubborn plays a pretty big part, too. Not asking for help is not my favorite thing about myself and I am still learning not to take offense when my Mama says "I'm worried about you". My instinct is "awww come on, not again. I am fine!"

The dialogue in my head sounds just like this - - -

"Do not worry about me. I AM too busy, but it's a choice I've made and I'm fine."

"I am tough. I am happy. I will catch up on sleep sometime in the next six years. I am fine."

"My kids are healthy. E is so good to me. I can see the ocean from the kitchen. I am fine."

And the truth is that I am fine.

Like that same sassy girl that couldn't wait to move into her first apartment I don't want anyone else in my beeswax. Especially my Mom. But I am twenty years better than that and I don't regret my manic rambling truth like I might have before. If nothing else,the blog is a time capsule for our family and an outlet for me.

But more than anything I am grateful for the love and concern of my parents. I have friends who have lost their parents and I absolutely know they would give anything for their Mom to tell them to take care. Or for their Dad to tell them one more time that he never hears from them. I am so very grateful my parents loved me long enough to see past the selfish, defiant girl I was and are still willing to love the tired, somewhat weary woman I am at this moment. It is only a moment. You can count on that.

I am fine, Mama and I love you so much. You are very welcome in my beeswax.

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KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

What a lovely post! What a lovely picture! What a lovely woman you are!

Tooje said...

I battle back and forth with this myself. As much as I appreciate the support and often unsolicited help my parents provide, there are days when I wish they'd ease up and back up. But then I think of the alternative....and them not being around. And I hush it. I know I have it better than many I know, including my husband. I'm happy to hear that others fight this same stubborn, independent fight too. :)


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