Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ten Things - March

The last day of a month that really only seemed to last for ten minutes is a little disheartening to me.  If this month went this quickly then we'll be starting a new school year sometime next week.  I am not ready for life to move so quickly but I don't know how to slow it down.  I can only be grateful for how good it is while I've got it.

Ten Things to Smile About
March 2011

Enjoying some special perks of working on a national event
with Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy

with Steve Finley

Talking with my children about Lenten sacrifices and letting them make choices about what feels right for them

A front row seat at The Princess' spring performance
Cutest cow EVER

Putting together plans for summer that include two weeks at home with my family

The Athlete's affinity for Cotillion and how unintimidated he is in social situations
with really tall girls : )

Enjoying time with family

Little girls who love to be together

Interviewing orthodontists and finding the one that's just right for us

The Athlete getting to meet SDSU basketball players that he {literally} looks up to

The start of SPRING!!!!!

Cruise over and see my friend, Emmy.  She is counting her Ten Things today, too.


Emmy said...

Yeah great list! I love how much shorter he is than that girl and not shy about it! That is awesome. And yes time is going way too fast.
Congrats on your work event again, truly awesome

Rachel Murphy said...

looks like a great list! And you're right she was the cutest cow ever! lol

Dabalack Family said...

Such a wonderful month... love that the princess had such a great time with my little girls. She may never forget that Abby broke her purse, but at least we are making some fun memories now too. Love ya

Lourie said...

So glad your son likes the tall girls. Tall girls rock. ;) Great list.


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