Thursday, March 24, 2011


This will be a big ol' mess 

I haven't blogged in a LONG time and it's not because I forgot how to write or because my computer is broken.  It's because I am so freakin' busy that I am lucky to brush my teeth twice a day. So.So.So.Dang.Busy.

And here we go . . .

My Punky turned nine and broke my heart.  He got to celebrate twice at Disneyland with some friends.   I was introduced to "Yo Mamma" jokes for the first time since I was ten and couldn't help cracking up.  I think little boys are the coolest thing ever.  Especially my little boy.

My boys took first place in basketball playoffs.  That was a hard earned honor and I was so proud and happy for them.  I think my husband is a wonderful coach and admire him so much for working so hard to make a positive difference in children's lives.  And you know how much I love to watch my son play basketball.

Maybe six minutes after the first place win in basketball we started baseball season.  The Athlete just told my mom that he's playing "Big Boy Baseball" now.  That translates for E and me to LOTS of practices and games that clock at two hours and 15 minutes minimum.  If you need to find us we are at baseball at least three days a week.  At least.

And I'm Team Mom.  Because I'm retarded.

And we started spring soccer.  The Princess is playing for the Purple Lightning Strikes.  I feel like soccer may be a difference maker for her.  Maybe not this season, but sometime.  She likes it.  She is engaged.  And she may be good if she can stop goofing around : )  The child is such a clown.

Work is nuts.  March is when we host our biggest event of the year.  As the person who is directly responsible for corporate events it means I work about forty thousand hours in the six weeks before the event and another eight million the week that we're there.  The show was fabulous and successful and everything it should have been.  Our team pulls together in the most unbelievable way and I love how everyone works in perfect unison that week.  We did our last photo shoot at 1:30 AM seven days after we arrived.  We relished in our success for half a day and then got back to it. 

I have major planning trips to San Francisco, Orlando and Hawaii scheduled in the next month and a half and three more brewing. The pace of our business has changed a lot in the last twelve months and I am definitely struggling to maintain the pace.

I am also the newly minted co-chair for the upcoming Cotillion Season.  Because I am retarded.

E and I want to go on a date really, really bad.  It might happen.  It might not.  I dunno know.  We make sure to smile and wave when we see each other.  Sometimes we even get close enough to kiss.  I am truly thankful to be racing through life with him.  He makes me smile.

Speaking of smiles - we've been to the orthodontist several times.  The Athlete is due for braces.  And a headgear.  He seems excited.  Poor dude.  Ignorance is bliss. 

Report cards came home and my children are brilliant.  And well behaved (at school).  The Athlete had a B in handwriting and math.  Everything else was an A.  I'll take it.  We're working on the math, but I am still unbelievably proud of him.

The Princess doesn't get As and Bs yet, but she got all good grades too.  I think their measure is in Es and Ss.  I don't recall exactly but they were all good.  She excels in reading and study skills.  Her being smart is a little scary.  I am not sure I could ever apply the phrase "too smart for your own good" until she came along.  I am still wildly proud of her.  She is such a trip.

Even when I look back at the last month it leaves me breathless to see how fast our live is moving.  E and I are working so hard on raising good kids.  Everything else seems secondary even when it's consuming us.  I had a moment last week that I just couldn't even believe that we were old enough to be talking about insurance coverage for orthodontics.  It really does feel like we were just in our very early twenties rollerblading to Happy Hour in San Diego.  I  miss being so carefree but I am madly in love with the life we've created and more grateful than ever that we're still doing it all together.  Our kids are amazing.  Our house is a mess.  And I need more coffee.  But now you know where I've been.

xoxo, Mrs M


Mamarazzi said...

everything IS secondary to raising your kiddos..good for you for LIVING life...even when it is busy, i admire you for everything you have your hands and heart into...what a blessed family!

Emmy said...

Wow you are busy! And no worries about not being able to blog! Those of us who really matter keep checking back :)

I cried when I found out I had to have headgear.. but well for some reason I thought the dentist said I would have to wear it all of the time, even in the day-but luckily just had to wear it at night.

Congrats on your big event!

Lucas is in soccer now too and scored his first goal this last weekend.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Bahahahahaha = And I'm Team Mom. Because I'm retarded.

Sounds like you've been having some good times...enjoy every minute (and have your date)!!!

Jules said...

Welcome back to blogworld. You sure have a lot going on....

Lourie said...

Good luck with the ortho stuff. It's crazy expensive.

You had and continue to have a crazy life. But it sounds like a grand one.

Kim said...

You seem to handle your busyness with such grace. Happy Birthday to your 9 year old!


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