Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ten Things - February

Life passed me right by and I was headed to a GIANT event when it was time for the February Ten Things.  I am cheating today and doing this one first.

Ten Things to Smile About

Welcoming a brand new baby girl to the family and getting to see how much my kiddos love their new cousin

Being surprised with a professional honor AND getting a little cash for it $$$

My little Laker finishing basketball season with a first place win

A fun date night with friends
the kids loving their sitter as much as we loved being out

Celebrating the day of LOVE at home with my three true loves

Renewing our annual passes to Disneyland and making the time to enjoy three times in two weeks

The beauty of true and honest friendship

How cute The Princess looks with her new bangs

Celebrating the birth of my favorite 9 year old again and again ~

Successfully fighting a traffic violation.
Three trips to court saved $300 in fines and TWO points on my record
Woo hoo!

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