Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Birthday To You

It's my Mom's birthday today.  I won't tell you how old she is because I really don't think she'd like it.  But I read something recently that I think is so fitting for someone like her.

What we take and what we leave all depends on what we give.

She will celebrate her birthday to the enth degree today.  No doubt about it. She will fully expect a greeting, a cake and a wish from everyone she encounters today.  If she were a different person I would think it was ridiculous, but from her it's not so much.  She would give you her house, her car and everything in her closet if she felt like you needed it.  If all she expects in return is a card, some sugar and a smile then good for her.

On the 13th anniversary of her 50th birthday ; ) I want to wish my Mama a very Happy Birthday.  What you get will NEVER match what you give.  You deserve every moment of happy today.  I Love You


Rachel Murphy said...

Sounds like you were raised by a wonderful woman. Happy Bday to your momma.

Emmy said...

Hope she had a wonderful birthday.


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