Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I love vacation! Spring Break is definitely a little different now than it used to be, but bliss comes in all different forms as a parent. Max is on Spring Break for TWO weeks and I am thrilled that I have the vacation time and the ability to spend a week with him right now. We have done nothing spectacular and we love it! We took our first spin of the season in the golf cart on Monday and had an easy afternoon at the park followed by a slurpee stop ; ) I'm not sure anyone got dressed before lunch yesterday and we went to the airport last night and picked up my Mom. The kids are headed to the movies with their Nana tonight while Ed and I take a big trip to Target and Home Depot -woo hoo! I am loving my time off and making every effort not to be in a hurry. That is HARD WORK for me because I swear if I let myself I could make a list of 200 things that need to be done before I head back to the office. For now, I am not even thinking about it. I am living life with my kids and loving every minute of it.

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