Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Are you serious??!?!

I think all the time that my life is way too good to be true, and sometimes it just is. I sold my car last week and had to share a car with Ed for several days. That's a lot of work for our family. I commute, we've got kids; it was a hassle. The problem was that I HATE car dealerships and absolutely did not want to have to go to one to buy a new car. Ridiculous, I know, but sadly true. So the amazing man I married took over that transaction and I had a beautiful, brand new car waiting in the driveway for me when I got home on Saturday evening. Thank you, E!!! Too good to be true, right? Right!

My brand new car was towed away today after someone hit me at a traffic light. Not a serious accident, but the car couldn't be driven because the fender was hitting the tire. This is where I say "are you serious?" That could not have just happened to me. I was sitting in traffic minding my own business and someone turned right into me. I have driven the car three times since Saturday and now it's gone. There's part of me that wants to cry, part of me that thinks I should crack up laughing and part of me that is just completely bewildered. Not sure if you remember this, but almost exactly three years ago when I got my station wagon someone backed in to me in a parking lot and my brand new car went away then, too.

I am fortunate, please let me say. I am not hurt in any way and neither was the other driver. We both called our insurance companies right away (right after I added this car to my policy!!) and he and his insurance company have accepted full responsibility for the accident. They paid to tow my car back to the dealership who has a full Toyota certified collision center. Neither of my children were in the car. All very good things! I will pick up a rental car this afternoon and life will go back to normal. I have many, many blessings but good luck with new cars is not one of them. Maybe my week will get better from here!

To avoid smashing something in my house or telling someone on the telephone to go to hell, I will rant here. The insurance company for the "gentleman" that hit me is covering the cost of a rental car. That's great. The part they failed to mention was that they would cover the cost of a freakin' clown car. Not driving that. So my first phone call was back to the insurance company to let them know that I would need something comparable to the car that they towed away this morning. They fidgeted slightly and then approved me for a standard size car. Not quite comparable, but might do a better job of fitting my 7 and 4 year olds in the backseat. Fine. The other slight glitch is that there are no rental car agencies in South Orange County that have a car that size available. I have now spent more than an hour trying to track down a damn rental car so I can pick up my kids from school. I am on the verge . . . Please pray for the next person that I get on the phone. Might not be pretty!!!

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