Monday, September 2, 2013

Ten things to smile about: August 2013

Part of playing catch up on the blog is being sure that I am adequately documenting the goodness of our every day and my gratitude for every moment.  Every month this year has a draft version of "Ten Things" but first things first.

Ten Things to Smile About: August 2013

My dear friend finding her happily ever after.

And it doesn't hurt that these kids are the cutest things ever.  God Bless this sweet family.

A special sleepover for my darling niece in honor of her 4th birthday.  Sunday morning brought breakfast, some dress up and a dance party.  Love you little B!!

Absolutely everything about our 5th annual family vacay to Yosemite National Park.  E's parents came this year, as well as some dear family friends.  It was truly the best ever.


Riding bicycles through a meadow in the rain with my little girl. 

Learning how to play Spoons for the first time.  Seriously the most fun!

Celebrating my E's birthday

Bob being invited to play on an Elite soccer team with girls from her 5 on 5 winter team.  We are very excited and proud for her.

A day of spa treatments, pool time and a dinner date with E.  It was an absolute luxury that I don't take for granted for even a minute.

The first week of school being filled with enthusiasm for what's to come in 3rd grade and 6th grade. 

Ending the month knowing that God has big, wonderful things in store for my precious family.  Having so many reasons to thank Him at the end of the month is a wonderful blessing.
This month I am linked to Emmy Mom again and am grateful for her always gracious and gentle reminders that another month is over.  Cheers to a great September!
10 Things to Smile About: Emmy Mom

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Emmy said...

Your friends look so truly happy, what a great moment to be able to witness.

LOVE LOVE that picture with your family and the bikes! Seems like that should be blown up big and displayed. I have never been to Yosemite but definitely want to go someday.

Congrats to Bob :)

Thank you so much for linking up, sorry I am finally getting to it now, been such a bad blogger and friend lately


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