Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ten Things ~ October 2011

This week found me 3,000 miles from my computer at the end of October and I decided I'd better get this done before Thanksgiving.  Every month seems to be a little shorter than the one before.  How does that happen?!?!?

Ten Things to Smile About: October 2011

Adopting our sweet Hope.  She is so good for Kate and we all think she is an angel.

Great teacher conferences for both of my wonderful kids.  The words leader, exceptional and bright came up more than once.  That is such a compliment and makes me so, so proud of them.

Receiving flowers as a thank you

Successfully making two great projects that I pinned


A new season of Cotillion starting

The innate kindness and responsibility that The Princess shows with our foster dog, Lucky

The Athlete's sense of commitment to baseball and how much confidence comes from doing well

Playtime with my itty, bitty niece C

A long overdue dinner and movie night with my E

The joy they get from Halloween

There's a lot of joy to be had in the world.  The big things and the not so big.  Counting them down is not a big thing, but taking the time to count them down and document them before the moment is too far gone is a treasure.  Thank you, Emmy!!!


Emmy said...

Loved your list! Your kids Halloween costumes were awesome. And yea for amazing parent teacher conferences! Your niece is a doll!
I am going to make the fort kit for my nephew for Chrstmas :)

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

What a great list! Cute puppies, cute kids...and a night out? What more could you ask for?


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