Friday, November 11, 2011

Flashback Friday

Tuesday night was the end of another baseball season and ended with a heartbreaking one run loss.  You do not want to be the gloating parent on the other team at 8:30 PM on a school night in front of this Mama who's son is cold and disappointed.  You do not.  My Athlete pitched two terrific innings and had a great final game.  He always makes me so proud.

E coached the team this season and devoted a lot of time to making sure the boys were learning the fundamentals of the game. Those boys really look up to him and are learning how to play their positions correctly to take them far beyond this interim season.  He is such a good and talented man and makes me very proud, too.

The first season he coached was spring four years ago and The Athlete had just turned five.  It shouldn't have been that long ago.  It doesn't feel like it's been that long.  But then it does.  He was such a tiny little guy sitting on that bucket.

There are some things though, that time doesn't change. How much I love these two is at the very top of the list. Always and forever.


Emmy said...

Stupid parents! Why would the be gloating. What are they teaching their kids.
Glad he had a good year

Tooje said...

Time really does fly, especially when you have sports seasons running back to back to back. Before you know it, you're like..."Wait a second...teenager? High school?" I never want to get there. :(

That bucket picture is darling. Love it.


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