Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Happy

My Dad and E's Mom share the same birthday.  How likely is that?  It seems special to me that we celebrate two people that mean so much to us on the same day.  There are so many things to love about both of them . . .

My Dad is a southern gentleman and a warrior.  He is intensely loyal, loves deeply and is no one's fool.  He is well read and wildly intelligent.  He would do anything in the world for you if you asked it of him.  Anything.  I love that he takes my children fishing and target shooting when we're there and alternately shops for cars and guns online. 

My Daddy cries like a baby every time he sees me and it breaks my heart that he misses me so much.  I don't think we've celebrated his birthday together in more than 20 years.  That doesn't seem right.

He was REALLY hard on me when I was young.  There were a lot of days that I wouldn't have gushed about how much I loved him, but now some of my favorite things about myself are only there because of him.  I owe him a lot for trying so hard and loving so much.

When my Athlete was a baby he couldn't pronounce the word Grandma and just called her "Gra".  There's part of my heart that wishes he still couldn't say Grandma because it was so darn sweet.  He is 100% the son of her first born son and he has her heart.  To see them together is something special.

The Princess is her mini me.  Blonde hair and blue eyes only came from one place in our family.  She provides an endless supply of chewing gum and lipstick to the little girl who loves her so deeply.

She is warm and generous to everyone and has never been anything but kind to me.  I don't have to wonder how she must have felt when her son brought home a girl from 3,000 miles away.  She was far more gracious than I will ever be capable of.  But, I mostly love her because she raised such an amazing man.  I am grateful to her every day for  helping to make him all the things that I love so much.  She is a role model for me as a mom to a son.

Our family is so blessed to still have Granddaddy and Gra to celebrate on their birthdays.  We love them and cherish them more than words on a page can ever say.  Happy Birthday to two of my favorite people on the planet.  Many blessings for a year full of good health and lovely moments.


Emmy said...

How fun that they share a birthday! I love this post. Gra is very cute

Tooje said...

Wonderful grandparents are hard to come by, is what I'm learning. My kids are lucky to have theirs, as we are lucky to have them as parents. I think that's so sweet that your father cries when he sees you. :) I hope they had wonderful, wonderful birthdays!


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