Friday, October 21, 2011

Flashback Friday

For the last couple of months I have been telling E that we need to have family photos taken again. With The Athlete in braces and The Princess in her own world I feel our time with them slipping away.  I feel it all the way into my heart.

He has an internal countdown clock that is tabulating the days, hours and minutes until he is 10.  Double digits are ruling his world right now.  I have no idea what he thinks is going to happen on that fateful day in February but turning 10 is everything to him right now.

We haven't tried lately, but I don't imagine he'd be all that willing right now to put on a white button down shirt and spend the whole afternoon looking at shells and rocks with his parents and his sister.  I could be wrong.  He does have a heart of gold. 

I will always think he's the most darling six year old boy that ever, ever lived.  I think he's holding a Matchbox car that he snuck to the photo session in his pocket.  I love that.

The Princess is seven this year going on 17.  Her could care less attitude crushes me and I just want better for her.  I personally get a kick out of her inability to be destroyed by pettiness, but I want her to temper her sassy with sweet.

She is a talented and fierce soccer player.  Her teacher told me yesterday that she reads 64 words a minute.  WOW!  I am so proud of her and intermittently terrified for her that I can't even organize my thoughts around it sometimes.

I miss this little wafer of a girl that looks so pretty with a blue bow in her hair.  She may have been complaining just then that the sand was cold on her toes.  That sounds just like what her four year old self would have said.

We paid for photos that day through a school fundraiser and spent another hour or so goofing around and taking photos on our own.  The sun was shining on my precious children directly from heaven.  I love how golden her hair shined.  The sky was bluer than it should have been in October and the green moss on those rocks isn't any more spectacular in photos.  All of it was pretty stunning that day.  The most beautiful thing though was them.  That day will never happen again, but I am blessed that it happened once in my lifetime.

There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child.  There are seven million.  ~Walt Streightiff

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