Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ten Things - May 2011

I always owe Emmy my thanks for making me recap the month with Ten Things.  The milestone makes me take a {much needed} deep breath and remember my favorite things about the last month.  I know Emmy's other friends feel the same way when they commemorate their Ten Things, too.  Thank you Emmy from the very bottom of my heart.

Ten Things to Smile About - May 2011
The easiest, sweetest, most special Mother's Day ever.  Ever.

Finishing a long day of travel and meetings in Maui with a pineapple mojito. Don't hate.  I was working and it was hot.  And I am positively obsessed with them.

Seeing the Maddie James Foundation reach their $1M fundraising goal to make the Maddie James Seaside Learning Center a reality.  God Bless this family as they try to carry on their daughter's memory.

This guy
He is my confidante, personal comedian, the household accountant, gardener and biggest cheerleader for my kids and me.  Our very REAL (dirty socks in bed anyone), but very HAPPY marriage always makes me smile.

One night of completely empty laundry baskets.

Working in LA for the day and seeing the American Idol finale LIVE! I have never watched one episode of that show and was immediately sucked in. I can't believe how life changing that show can be for these KIDS and really did love being a part of something so exciting. And my colleague, and friend, was way super crazy excited. It's always fun to be somewhere with someone who is thrilled about it.

Feeling like we might actually be heading for summer. It seems like it's been cold and gloomy here for way too many months.

Hydrangeas and sea shells

Playing in the sand with my kiddos.  After last summer I honestly wasn't sure if my back would ever be healed enough to play like that again.  I very happily got on my hands and knees to dig and thanked the good Lord for the opportunity for it.  Good health should not EVER be taken for granted.

Finally booking airfare for our trip home this summer.  It's so painful to part with the cash on the off chance that the fares will drop, but I am thrilled that my Southern California sweeties will get to spend some of their summer in the deep South.  I may reward myself with some boiled peanuts and sweet tea!!!

And on to June we go . . .


Emmy said...

Thank you for your kind kind words! And let me just say-so jealous about the AI finale! I have watched it the last couple of years and loved both Scotty and Lauren- so yea jealous.
Glad you had such a wonderful Mother's day.
Love the Picture of your daughter buried in the sand. And yes, the weather has been crazy!

Kim said...

What a an awesome May! You are definately blessed. I loved doing this post too but I am little behind. Have a great weekend!


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