Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Confessional

I Confess
It's been another helluva week.  I keep waiting for things to get better and I am sort of realizing that I might need to make that happen for myself.  And then I think great. Something else that I have to do.

I Confess
Something happened at our house last night that makes me think we are candidates for the Jerry Springer Show.  I do not think that's cool.

The Princess was crying, whining, whimpering (or something) in her bed for a long time.  I was pissed because I was tired and didn't want to get up.  But it was a long time and I thought  "must be the real deal".

I put on my Mom pants and went in and gently rubbed her on the back and asked what was the matter.  Her head spun around and she hissed at me -
"I'm not telling you"
and then she kicked me.  And I said
"eff off.  This is ridiculous."

What makes a mother say that to her child?!??! I am horrified. I think I need medication.

I Confess
I have no idea how we will survive adolescence with that girl and me in the house together. 

I Confess
I considered calling in sick today so I could get a mani/pedi.  I need one that bad.  And I am dying to go to the hospital and hold my brand new niece for a long time.  Those seemed like perfectly reasonable excuses not to show up for work. I'm sure it's better that I changed my mind.

This weekend will be filled with my family and some good stuff.  We need it in the worst way.  And I WILL go hold my sweet niece.  Happy Friday!!!



Rachel Murphy said...

That sounds like a rough week! Sorry :(
We (no matter if we admit it or not) have all been there! Hang in there.

Try not to beat yourself up to much because that will only drag you down more.

If you feel you need to apologize and let her know how you feel. What was wrong with her behavior and yours.

Wishing you the best and the mani/pedi soon. And maybe a "momcation" sounds to me like you deserve one if only for a day!


"The Roux" in the Soup Bowl" said...

I confess that on Monday my child was left at school after not being picked up because my husband and I barely communicate.
I confess how utterly pissed off and resentful I am that the company I have worked so hard for 16 years has hired 5 new VP's in the last 2 weeks.
I confess that I drank vodka at my desk on Wednesday afternoon!
I confess I am worried we made the wrong decision with building a beautiful new home over putting our families needs truly first.
I confess I feel too embarrased to open up on my OWN blog and embarrased to reach out to my friends what a dark dark place I am in.
I confess that I am truly at the end of my rope in every aspect in my life and know that I am on my own to fix it.

Emmy said...

I am so sorry :( I think we have all done some awful things to our kids at times when we are just at our ropes end. I have literally thrown my daughter into her room after I just had enough... it sucks.

Here is hoping for a better week next week.

Shell said...

Oh, I think you need a day off to get a mani and pedi.

Tracy Taylor said...

I confess I cry every day between 2 and 5 p.m. As long as it is over as soon as M gets home.
I confess I can't deal with this puppy thing without yelling and screaming (and you know I'm neither).
I confess I'm too broke to get a mani/pedi. How embarrassing.
I confess I adore you and miss you. Try to have a lovely weekend my dear!

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

There were (are) days when I fully expected green pea soup to spew out of one of my daughter's mouth and her head rotate. She is 27 (I think) and there are still days like that. I pretty much stay away until called and then only to go get the boys to come stay with me. My heart hurts for you. Some days are just more to deal with than we have the patience to do so.

Hugs! Have a better weekend!!

Anonymous said...

my daddy use to cuss at me a whole lot

Shawn said...

I love that you owned up to being a real Mom! Any Mom/parent out there that says they've never lost it and said something they wish they hadn't is a mature of me was that!

I too need a mani/pedi perhaps I'll sneak off tomorrow and treat myself to a little Mommy time!

Congratulations Auntie!

KID said...

Sorry for your bad week :(. I really, really, really hope we can get together soon (like say in the first quarter of 2011). As much as I would love to meet your kids, let's meet sans kids first (mani/pedi??), then meet up again with kiddos. Deal??


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