Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My boys melt me.  I am smitten with my husband for a variety of reasons and my son has ALL of those qualities and then some.

They look alike and I love their liquid brown eyes

They think alike and both overanalyze everything

They talk alike and they are flippin' hee-larious

Yin & Yang

Two peas in a pod

You get it?

So all four of us are in the car and we're driving down the road on Sunday going to The Athlete's baseball practice.  Everyone is yammering about something and nothing simultaneously.  And then E says something to The Athlete that requires a response and says

"Right Big Guy?"

And IMMEDIATELY The Athlete says

"Right Little Jacket!"

If you don't know what El oh El (LOL) means it means LAUGH OUT LOUD.  And just that I did.  Chris Farley died five years before my son was ever born, but even he never made me laugh the way those two clowns did in my own car on Sunday.  Thank the good lord for my boys and belly laughs.  May you Rest in Peace Chris Farley.  Your legacy lives on  . . .


Tooje said...

I need to go back and watch his movies again. :) Fat man in a little coat......fat man.....

Amy said...

Ha! What funny little guys! I love when kids make me laugh. It makes being a mother so worth it.

Rebecca said...

OMG...I love Chris Farley and can't wait to introduce the Crazies to his humor! It's right up their alley...

Does this tie make me look fat?
No, your face does.


Great picture of your men too!

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

That's very funny.


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