Thursday, February 3, 2011

Friday Confessional


My life feels a lot like it's spinning out of control right now even though I know in my heart it's not so bad.

Two sick kids and a home that looks like squatters have invaded it does not make me a happy camper.

I even told E that I think we should start looking at new houses.

The truth is, if I could actually get this one squeaky clean and organized again I might consider staying.


There is no such thing as work life balance. Whoever coined that phrase didn't have both. One will always get more attention and the other will suffer in the interim.

My career and my projects mean a lot to me but I could care less about any of it when one of my sweet angels needs their Mama. When something bad happens to them I am immediately consumed with guilt for taking my focus off of them for even a minute.

I know that it's not REALLY my fault that The Athlete has a sinus infection and The Princess is on the couch with a fever of 101*, but it really does feel like my fault when my babies are hurting.


When I buy Girl Scout cookies I say it's because I am supporting a great organization that I loved when I was a little girl.

The real reason I buy them is because I daydream all year long about the dark chocolate, caramel, coconut ones. Mmmmmm ridiculous, rich goodness.


I am a disgusted with myself for being such a cranky hag. But I don't even have the weekend to look forward to as redemption for my week.

A baseball meeting, a basketball game and a birthday party (all for 9 years olds, BTW!!) doesn't make much for a leisurely Saturday.

Oh,and the 8 AM meeting on Sunday. Yea, that's really the icing on my pity cake.

What's the truth about you? You can link up with Mamarazzi and Glamazon too and get it all off your chest!! That and some Girl Scout cookies could change your life ;)


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Impulsive Addict said...

I don't know what squatters are but it doesn't sound good. Sick kids are no fun. out for those girl scout people. They are dangerous! Nobody comes to my door to sell them {THANK YOU BABY JESUS} but those caramel/coconut ones are my fav too!

Good confessions, girl!

Jen said...

I ordered 5 boxes of Samoas and I wish it were more so I could freeze a few. Love. Them.

Hope the kiddos feel better. It sucks to have any sick family members because no matter what, the house ends up looking like a disaster zone. I hate that!

Rachel Murphy said...

So sorry about your little ones. It must be so hard to not be able to do all you want to do for them. I hope they feel better soon.

I remember those days where the weeks just went on and on before a break and it leaves you exhausted. I could get in big trouble but I say take Sunday off this once. Give yourself some much needed rest and when you feel refreshed read something for your sacrament meeting. Every once in a blue moon isn't going to kill anyone.

Hope you get some much deserved rest soon.

jennykate77 said...

I hear ya on the work life balance. There really never seems to be one. I'm always constantly trying, but never feel like I achieve it.

My house looks like squatters invaded, but it's because we've been snowed in. You would think it would be spin and span due to my extra time to take care of it, but not so. It's like I clean it and it's back to messy in less that 3 minutes.

Don't feel bad. I think we all profess that we're helping a good cause when we buy that sin in a box (aka Girl Scout Cookies). Samoas. Mmmmmmm. Oh, Thin Mints, how I love thee.

Great confessions! Hope you get some time to relax at some point during your weekend.

Anonymous said...

I would throw myself in front of a train to save one box of Thin Mints.

Aubrey S. said...

Hope your babies feel better soon!

VandyJ said...

I avoid the Girl scouts and their devil cookies. However on occasion I go get the imitations that Keebler makes--mmm grasshoppers.
Hope every one gets better soon.

Haute Deb Designs said...

I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!

I hear ya on the crack-cookies (those are my fave too!) and the house. I wish I could get my husband to agree with a bigger house, but he doesn't want "house debt". Sucks for me :)

B said...

i couldn't agree more
girl scout cookies = life changing

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

I hope everyone is feeling better soon. Girl Scout cookies are a remedy for many things.

Tracy Taylor said...

Life spinning out of control is hard. Kids or no kids, pets or no pets, house or no house. Sometimes things just don't stick right. Please take care of yourself and things will start to reset.

I'm feeling that way right now myself. However, my restrictive diet doesn't allow for cookies :(

Anonymous said...

ohh your so cute----I haven't heard the word hag in a long
and girl scout cookies? OH!
i get 20 boxes and stick em in the yummy frozen....try will buy 20 boxes next time too!!

Amy said...

Great confessions!

Those girl scout cookies kill me too! Along with my new discovery of ice cream made of the delicious, caramel, coconut cookie.

Shawn said...

Samaos, Thin Mints and Tagalongs Oh MY!

Sorry your babies are sick, try to sneak away, maybe a pedicure, to recharge your battery. A cranky and tired Mama is no good to sick kiddos!

Emmy said...

Def girl scout cookie time as we are both suffering/enjoying it :)

So sorry your kids are sick. And if your house is messy you can do what I do, go into the one clean room, read blogs and pretend the mess isn't there :)

Amy said...

Are they already selling those cookies? Goodbye diet!
I hate having sick kids. I always feel responsible.
Good luck with the weekend. I wish you could have time to recuperate.

Amy said...

Those darn Girl Scouts missed me...I gotta have some Samoas!!

I feel the same way about MY house. I could just pack up and leave the crap and start all over in a fresh new one. Dream big, don't I?

Sara Richins said...

I might have bought three thin mints this year. It might last a day. LOL!

Rebecca said...

What kind of sadist schedules a meeting for 8 AM on a Sunday??? Ugh! Hope your kiddos get better soon!

Mamarazzi said...

i hear ya about the GS cookies...those little creeps get me every time too and i pretend it is to support their organization but my butt knows the truth. i am in love with the lemonades...YUM!

thanks for linking these confessions.

oh and right now my back is out and my house looks like a pit because apparently i am the only one who cleans around here.

Jules said...

I hope your little ones are feeling better by now.

I can't wait to get my cookies!

Lyndse said... don't need to have an excuse to enjoy those yummy girlscout cookies...they only come around once a year. So, it's only right that you get them.



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