Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ten Things

This December really didn't give me ANY reasons not to smile, but in the spirit of the season and to close out a terrific year here are my top ten reasons to smile about from December

The sheer joy and anticipation of my children as we counted down to Christmas

Receiving Christmas cards with warm sentiments and sweet photos of our nearest and dearest

A red reindeer nose on my favorite kindergarten girl

The official start of basketball season for our family

How beautiful even the shabbiest house looks when adorned with colored lights and an evergreen wreath on the door

Being in the grocery store, a casual restaurant or on the sidewalk and seeing multiple generations together.  Just together.

Making a conscious decision not to spend a fortune on gifts and giving from the heart

Not exchanging gifts with E and still feeling like the luckiest girl in the world

My Athlete reminding me of what a good boy he is and being a truly gracious gentleman

Getting beautiful photos of my favorite two with my Mom
(to be shared later!!)

Happy New Year, friends!!  Go see Emmy and friends for their Ten Things, too.


Emmy said...

Great list as always. You are so right about any home being able to look better with a little Christmas decor.

So happy it was such a great month for you.

B said...

i love to see families together! from the grammies to the babies!

beautiful post!

Kim said...

A great, hearfelt list! All the best for you and your family in 2011!

Lourie said...

What a beautiful list!


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