Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Oh my ~ I am just not sure that the world is prepared for my randomness today. I am overwhelmed, uninspired, buried past my eyeballs with stuff and generally about to lose my mind. Enter Random Tuesday Thoughts. Buckle up kids. This one might be bumpy. BUT  before I go off on a tangent get started, I must wish a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Dad and my Mother in Law. I am so damn lucky to have them both and wish I had the time, money and resources to celebrate them to the degree which they deserve.

Happy Birthday, Daddy.

Happy Birthday, Laura.

I love you both so much.

And now about me :)  My life is seriously kicking my ass lately. Can I say “uncle” and make it all go away? Someone comment please and say yes. And include instructions. I give.

First there’s the Princess who refuses to talk to me for several days after I’ve traveled. I had to redeem myself over the weekend with a special lunch date at the restaurant of her choice, an afternoon with me all to herself and her very own cookie at Disneyland. I do love spending time with her, but it’s truly exhausting to have to win her affections over and over again. I’m beginning to wonder when it will be worth it to me for her to love me. The dogs and my Mama love me unconditionally and that may have to be enough for right now.

The Athlete is almost perfect, but he’s got his own wee bag of issues. He’s the MOST aggressive kid on any court or field, but he’s also the smallest. Beefing him up is a hobby of mine and it is serious work lately to get him to eat anything other than sourdough toast. When I am not busy trying to be the perfect Mom I generally don’t care what they eat as long as they’re taking their vitamins and they eat something. But holy smokes!! If it’s true you are what you eat we need to slap some butter on that kid. And the homework – good lawd!!!! Last night we had to study for a science test and a spelling test. He had a social studies worksheet and a reading worksheet. We need to practice our math facts EVERY night and tomorrow he has a project summary due for Christmas customs in Italy. WTF?!?! I am not sure who’s learning more here, but I have a sneaky feeling only one of us will be cursing over the ceppo some time very soon.

E is traveling this week and I can’t sleep. That sucks. I even let the dog climb in bed with me last night to snuggle up, but somehow the canine gas and snoring offset her warmth. By the time my handsome husband makes it home I should be quite a sight. Just today the bags under my eyes would no longer qualify as carry-on luggage. Oh vay.

Work is completely off the charts right now in terms of unwelcome chaos. Personnel changes, contract negotiations, lots of hurry up and wait, miles and miles and miles of notes . . . I walk away every night and say “Thank you, Lord for a job that I love.” And then I crack up laughing! If I weren’t so excited about Christmas shopping for my family I might just call it a day. There’s something about the lure of my salary and medical benefits for my young children that keeps me coming back for more.

I really could go on and on about traffic school, cleaning the garage for our garage sale this weekend, First Communion Meetings and 6 AM Conference Calls, but I won’t. Random Tuesday Thoughts is absolutely the definition of my life right now. I linked up with Unmom today and the other Random Tuesday revelers and it’s so nice to know I’m not alone. Crazy should be it’s own zip code. I’ve elected myself as Mayor. Happy Tuesday all!

p.s. I have received a couple of awards lately and want to say THANK YOU to the ladies who deemed me worthy of them. I will get to that post this week and properly convey my gratitude. Promise!


Emily Anne said...

Cute blog! :-)

Desert Rose said...

Happy birthday to your daddy and mom-in-law! Don't you know that when stuff hits..it's really gonna hit! We can't ever just have one thing to deal with at a time you know!

Emmy said...

Uncle! There I said it for you, will it work?? Well not so sure about that but hope so :)

Sorry for all the craziness... hope things settle down for you soon.

MiMi said...

Yes! You can say Uncle! Get some wine or whatever you drink, go to your room and hide in the dark for a while. OR, if that fails you, start talking to yourself and doing weird facial ticks and pretty soon EVERYONE will leave you along. :)
I wonder if Princess is acting so that you will take her to Disneyland...?

shortmama said...

Aunt!!! You know I just cant be like everyone else right...

Desert Rose said...


VandyJ said...

I'd loan you a towel to throw but I can't seem to find one. Try some wine and maybe that will make things a bit better.

Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

Your point about your son being the most aggressive even though he's the smallest is interesting... my hubby was *always* the biggest kid (re: chubby), and he was a great big teddy bear. Now that he's lost weight, he's a lot more aggressive!



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