Thursday, November 19, 2009

Letters to Someone

Everyone loves Letters to Someone.  Go see Shortmama and her links for what everyone's saying to someone today.  You know you love it - xoxo

Dear Perspective ~

Welcome back.  I didn't even realize how much I've missed you.  I am a kinder, more interesting person when you're with me and I am sure my family and friends will appreciate your return, as well.  You always help me stay focused on being rather than doing and I can definitely use some assistance right now.  I'm glad you're here.

With Much Love,
Your Renewed Companion

Dear Dusty Bunnies & Dog Hair ~

Do you think you could find somewhere else to party?  It's obvious that you don't much care about your impact on my family, but I am over you.  That fat little dog got a hair cut and I have been going at it with my Swiffer sweeper in an effort to get rid of you.  But you still keep joining together and multiplying like, um, bunnies.  I've got some decorating to do and I only want to spell out M E R R Y with my cute little blocks.  Not my finger on the console.  A holiday in Rome for all of you . . .  Whaddya say?

The Lady that's Taking Your Name off the Guest List

Dear Sweet Peas ~

I hope y'all have a great weekend with Grandma and Grandpa.  I know it's proper parent protocol to hesitate when I send you out the door and say how much I'll miss you.  But everyone knows I ain't proper.  See ya!  Daddy and I will be back sometime Sunday.  Maybe.

With all the Love I can Muster Between my Fits of Excitement and Daydreams,
Your Mama

Dear E ~

The flowers were beautiful, thank you.  And now for the weekend.  Two nights alone and a day at the spa . . . oh my.  I'm looking forward to showing you what a happy wife I am. Who knew 9 was your lucky number??!

Your Smitten Other Half,
Mrs. Montoya


MiMi said...

Ha! I love it! Everyone knows I ain't proper, See ya! :)
Great letters as usual. :)

shortmama said...

I swear every time I start trying to clean I make it worse! I start "organizing" and then it turns into a mess!! Hope you have lots of fun this weekend!

Emmy said...

I think one of my favorite parts of your letters is who they are from :)
They really are so fun to read.

And have fun!!! Lucky you!!

Desert Rose said...

I could make another dog out of that my one dog sheds. I have no regrets shipping the kids out the door for some me time or some honey and me's not selfish at all and don't try convincing me otherwise! Have a wonderful time as my husband and I will on Saturday celebrating our 5th Anniversary! Ooh la la!

tori said...

the letters are great! your anniversary weekend sounds wonderful!

Angel said...

I really enjoyed your post, Thank you for sharing!
Also thank you for visiting my blog. I am now a follower of yours.

Desert Rose said...

Favor please...puhlease!..I'm asking nicely! I keep responding to your comments in gmail...but it's no-reply for yours. Is there a way you can fix it so I can respond back to your comments. Just asking...nicely! I always type something up...then I see the no-reply and then I'm like "oh crap"!

Mommy Bear said...

My dust bunnies and your dust bunnies need to get together and take a vacation.

Great letters!


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