Friday, May 15, 2009

Sweet Dreams

I check on the kids every night as part of my routine before I head down the hall. I go through, turn off the lights, close the shutters and lock all the doors. Then I pop in and watch my babies sleeping for a little bit and make sure they're breathing. It's a Mom thing, I'm sure.

Last night was no exception, except that I cracked up when I walked into Max's room and had to grab the camera. I have no idea what happened between the time that we prayed and I tucked him in and the hour later when I checked on him. I'm just not sure why he's wearing the red bandana and has created an army of stuffed animals at his head. He doesn't usually sleep with ANY of those animals. I dunno . . .

The Princess was peaceful for a change, too. No new toys in her space or extra accessories. Just sweet sleeping baby. My favorite!

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