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Ten Things to Smile About; December 2013

Ten Things to Smile About: December 2013

Well, true to form I am way, way late on this post.  Again.  But December is so full of goodness for us it is impossible to move away from doing the good stuff to writing about the good stuff.  Any day of the week I'd rather be late to my blog than to miss enjoying life.  We are so blessed to have such a good and plentiful life.  Last month was so good it was hard to pick just ten things that were worthy of a smile.  Happy New Year!

Much to my dismay, I do enjoy how much the kids love the return of Arthur the Elf.   Their happiness does make me smile.

My sweet Athlete being recognized with high honors in his first trimester of middle school.

The beautiful Christmas cards we receive from friends and family.  I love, love, love Christmas cards and save them all.

An overnight in Santa Barbara for a business event.  It was a grueling drive home (5 1/2 hours!!) but it was so fun to see my close friends who I used to see every day in the office

Taking Bob to see Frozen on ladies night.  The cutest movie!

The start of basketball season for both of my boys.  It is a serious time commitment for Mr. Montoya and a lot of work for The Athlete but even I am surprised how much I love to watch basketball.  It's my favorite sport of the year!

Even after five years of fighting for a seat, hearing the same songs and seeing the same production at school I love the annual Christmas pageant.  Now that my first born is too old to be in it the hassle of it is a little less and I can cherish the opportunity just a little more.  I know I will be heartbroken when I don't "have" to go anymore. 

The safe arrival of Nana.  It is always the OFFICIAL start of Christmas when she's here

Touring model homes with my Mom and Bob.  It was fun to get inspiration from brand new, perfectly decorated spaces and someone sweet and sassy was ready to move in.

Seeing the Rose Parade floats up close as they were being built.  AMAZING!


Those polka dots were cranberries and blueberries.  All applied by hand!!

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