Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ten Things to Smile About: January 2014

New year: new beginnings.

January was a great beginning to a year full of well intended smiles and being in the moment.  This is the year to count our blessings.  Every day. Every month.  Every moment.

Ten Things to Smile About

Choosing my One Little Word for the year and making a solid effort to live it

My Florida State Seminoles winning the BCS National Championship after an intense bowl game played at the Rose Bowl

Our darling Bob getting her braces off

Lots and lots of exciting basketball games

The Athlete bringing home all A's on his mid trimester report and being awarded "manner of the month" for showing respect through eye contact.

The breathtaking scenery that is right outside my front door.  Being present for me is all about being right where you are and not always moving to something else.  Right where I am has proven to be pretty magnificent this month.


Bob proudly delivering her Indian project to school

Focusing a little more these two lovable beasts and giving them some exercise and fresh air

A late night date night with my {almost} 12 year old first born

An easy, drama free life.  It is worth noting (and smiling about) a month that doesn't include anything hurtful, intensely stressful or dramatic.  We're just here doing our thing and loving it.

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