Monday, June 13, 2011

With Tender Loving Care

He's nine and she's six and they are madly in love their teeny tiny cousins. I watch them fight to the death over a Lego figure and then they become the most delicate little angels when given the opportunity to sit with the baby.

Their tenderness is infectious and serenity temporarily takes over the mayhem. They take ALL the pillows from their beds to pile around their baby cousin so she's cozy with them. They take out their long loved old toys to share with their favorite toddler and pour tea for her over and over. They use all their big muscles to allow extra room for her to climb out of the cardboard fort. They love them in every way they know how.

There are no more babies in my immediate future and I treasure the time we're spending with B and C. If every day could be swaddled in such tender loving care the whole world would be that much sweeter.

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