Wednesday, June 15, 2011

For My Kindergarten Graduate

Dear Princess ~

Oh my baby girl. . . to even think of you and how deeply I love you tightens my chest and threatens to break me.  My love for you is so intense and you are so untouchable sometimes.  I have to force myself to remember that your genetics cannot be denied.  There is no malice in your strength and independence and I know that it's my job to love you exactly the way you are.

You graduated from Kindergarten today and were a star in the Kindergarten performance. You sailed right through the school year and continue to impress me with your poise and intelligence. Daddy and I were so shocked and proud in your teacher conference when Mrs. Bennett told us that you are such an eager learner and her star student.  In fact, her only complaint was that you finish your work too quickly. Okay then.  I can live with that.

Your favorite things about school are reading and art.  It's so sweet to see you lounging on your bed reading to Nana or listening to her read your favorite stories to you on the phone. You are a remarkable reader and love to sneak books out of your brother's room. I love the work that you put into the cards you make for your friends and family.  I know there's a sweet pea in there somewhere and enjoy watching you express that in your writing and art.

The school year did nothing to diminish your love for flip flops, swimsuits, Hawaii and your boys.  We are certain that you'll never go to college anywhere that snows because you are definitely a warm weather creature.  I am so grateful that you wear a uniform to school every day because I just can't even imagine the pain we would go through every morning while you tried to indulge your inner fashionista.  But I love that you will forego your sparkly sandles and sundress any chance you get to go in the backyard with your lavender baseball glove and play catch with your Dad and The Athlete.  You are the MOST unpredictable girl ever.

You love candy, soccer, swimming pools and your American Girl doll, Josephina.  You run fast, dance like a lunatic and take forever in the bathroom.  You wear my high heels around the house any chance you get, steal all my lip gloss and beg me to stay in bed and read one more book with you.  Please don't ever stop. 

You scare me to death, but I get you.  My job on this earth is to make sure you know that I need you as much as you need me and I will never judge you for being yourself.  I've always got your back, Lulu.  After all, you are my girl.

With Too Much Love, Mama


Shell said...

Oh, what a sweet letter! She sounds like such an amazing little girl!

Tara R. said...

This was a touching tribute to your new Kindergarten grad. I hope you all have a wonderful summer and that she enjoys First Grade even more.

(stopping by from PYHO)

Adrienne said...

What a beautiful post to your daughter! She's adorable!

Lourie said...

Congratulations to her and you! I don't know which gender is scarier. They both frighten me for very different reasons. :P She sounds like she is one cool kid.

Emmy said...

It always floors me that she just graduated from kindergarten-she looks so much older. Congrats to her!


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