Sunday, June 19, 2011

As handsome as the captain of a cruise ship

In my very humble opinion, there is a genetic requirement for Mothers to love and care for their children. I believe that women who harm children are biologically not well and something is working against their natural instincts. I truly believe that.  I also believe that Dads have to work a little harder to give their unconditional love.  They see through some of the nonsense that Moms get sucked into and don't ever think poop is cute.  It's proven that we are biologically different. And it's all the more reason that it's so much more remarkable for a Dad to be really good at it.  God blessed me twice with men who are remarkable Dads.

My Daddy gave me short, sturdy legs.  That's not my most favorite thing about him, but there are lots of other things that are.  It's because of him that I am brave and tenacious.  I can bait my own hook and shoot a gun.  He is why I am not afraid of bugs, snakes and hard work.  I think of him every time I make a tough decision or tell someone something they don't want to hear.  I have no problem with saying no or being unpopular.  None of those things mattered enough to me while my Dad was trying to be a Dad to me, but I see him in my own parenting so often and understand his motives. I love how hard my Dad worked to ensure that I became the adult that I was meant to be.  I hope one day that my children will admire and cherish me as much as I do him.

There is no delayed reaction, however, to how much my children love and admire their own Dad.  I married him purely for myself without any regard for what kind of Dad he would be.  I loved his big brown eyes and the way he made me feel so much bigger than anything I really was way back when.  I loved him big but could never imagine how much more I would love him as a Dad.  He unfailingly patient and kind with children.  He is a teacher and a coach.  He absorbs far more than his share of pressure and pain in life so that they don't have to.  He loves their mother and shows them how a real man should treat a woman.  He is hard working, hard driving and authentic.

The Athlete made a card for him for Father's Day and said he is as handsome as the captain of a cruise ship. I love that! He also said he likes it when his Dad throws baseballs for him, takes his family camping in Yosemite and takes him to basketball games.  What he said in all of that is that he likes his Dad being there for him in the ways that matter most.  What kid could ask for more?

Happy Father's Day to my favorite men and any Dads who have garnered the admiration of their children. You are truly loved.

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Emmy said...

What a great post! Sounds like he really is an amazing father. There aren't enough of those in the world.


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