Tuesday, June 29, 2010

High Touch

When you were an infant you screamed most of every day and every night.  Your pediatrician said you were "high touch" and that I should hold you all day long if that's what you wanted.  

That didn't go so well for us back then, but I can't believe that it's been six whole years since that really long, hot summer when you were brand new to your Daddy and me.

You're six today and I would give anything for you to let me hold you all day.  But that's not who you are as your six year old self.  You are so much bolder and stronger than the startled infant who couldn't get comfortable in the world.

This year you've taken on a whole new sense of yourself and where you fit in.  I marvel at your ability to follow your own path and resist accepting something just because someone else is doing it.  I hope you'll hold on to that all your life.

This year you blossomed as a big cousin to sweet little B and as the outfielder for your brother's fly balls.  It's so sweet to see your interest in your family and spending time doing what they want to do.

This year you learned how to play checkers, chess and backgammon.  You are a quick thinker and you definitely have the Montoya competitive streak in you.  Go baby go!

This year you discovered a love for reading.  Your favorite books are If You Take a Mouse to the Movies and Miss Nelson is Missing!  I love reading to you, but love it even more when you want to read to me. 

This year you got even prettier than you were before.  My Nanny used to tell me that "pretty is is pretty does" and you are showing me that.  You look darling in your girly girl outfits and your sparkly new earrings, but there is a new light shining in you that makes you even more beautiful.

This year you helped me grow as a Mom.  I learned that being a role model isn't about always saying the right thing in the right situation, it's about trying to be the best version of myself every day.  I am completely overwhelmed and flattered that someone wants to be like me and that God gave me that someone in you.

This year you were anything but high touch, but in my heart you will always be that fragile little angel that needs to be soothed.  You make me so proud and your Daddy and I love you beyond words.

Happy 6th Birthday, Princess.
This year you're the star!


KID said...

What a beautiful big girl! Happy Birthday to The Princess :)

Andrea said...

What a sweet post! Happy Birthday to your pretty girl!

MiMi said...

Awww, happy birthday to your beatiful daughter!! :)

Emmy said...

Hope she had a wonderful birthday! She is a beautiful girl

Tooje said...

What a sweet letter for her to read when she's old enough to *gasp* be a mommy herself. We never really understand this world of mommyhood or our own mamas until we experience it too. Aaahhh, to be grown.

She's adorable. I hope she had a wonderful birthday.

tori said...

what a beautiful post! I too would love to be able to just cuddle with my kids again. Especially when they are sad or hurting :(
I'm looking forward to grandkids someday. Lots of cuddle time then!


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