Thursday, December 3, 2009

Letters to Someone

It's Thursday.  That means Friday is tomorrow.  Can I get a hallelujah??  It has already been quite a week aned Letters to Someone are such a nice way to blow off a little steam.  Enjoy and then head to ShortMama's to see her letters and her friends letters', too.  You can even join in the fun.  You'll be hooked.

Dear Auto Manufacturer ~

I drive a mid-sized SUV, with third row seating and a big engine.  It gets us where we need to go and sometimes we bring friends. I like it.  But there's this one thing.  Why on earth does a car that size have a horn that sounds like it's coming from a child's toy?  I don't use it enough to think of it much, but when there's a much bigger SUV coming my way fast I am hoping for a fog horn.  You let me down.  I will say on the bright side that I am grateful that the other drivers are looking for the moped on the Freeway instead of flipping me off, but still can't quite bring myself to say Thanks.  It just doesn't fit.

With a Tiny Toot Toot,
The Lady and her Kids who will Never Save Themselves by Horn Alone

Dear Beaujolais Noveau ~

Only released on the third Thursday of November, really?  I never knew until now and I am positively hooked.  Thank goodness you are only available in limited quantities.  That may be just the thing saving me from a one way ticket to a habit kicking program.  Well, that combined with the fact that the weekend makes me more apt to seek out your cousin, the Grey Goose.  I am certain that mixing it up disqualifies me from addiction.  For now I will love you deeply and when you're gone I will remember you fondly.  Thank you for the warmth you're bringing to my midweek evenings.


Dear Business ~

You are a babe when you're booming, but I'd like to negotiate a little on your timing.  It's Christmas time you see and I am busy.  I've got some shopping to finish online and at lunch every day this weekend and here you come trying to take charge and commanding all my time. It HAS been a tough year and I should be happy to see you return.  And I am.  I would just like to see you later.  Four weeks later to be exact.  Please.  You can't even imagine the reception I'll give you.  In January.  After Christmas.  You see where I'm going, right?  Have your people call my people.

Happy Holidays,
The Chief Executive of Jingle Dingle

Dear Bloggy Friends,

Go fast, fast, fast over to Menopausal New Mom to see her un-freaking-believable giveaway.  I still can't quite figure out why she is giving away something so gorgeous, but sometimes I am a little dense.  I am SURE there's a good reason.  I hope when I win she tells me.  I mean, I hope when you win you tell me.  Naw, that's a lie.  I hope I win.  They're stunning.  But you should go enter.  Every lady deserves a little holiday sparkle.  Maybe it's you.  I hope it's me.

Best of Luck,
Mrs. Montoya

p.s.  I need to give credit where credit is due.  I swiped the term "Jingle Dingle" from Kelly at Speaking from the Crib.  I couldn't resist.  I hope she doesn't sue.  I'm NOT selling the earrings :)


Menopausal New Mom said...

I laughed at your post about the horn on your SUV. We have a big Mitsubishi Montero and the horn sounds like a volkswagon beatle.

And thank you for doing a plug for my giveaway. Don't forget to go back to that post and leave 3 more comments before Sunday when I announce the winner! Gotta get those extra three entries in there.

tori said...

my huge extended conversion van had a lame horn too but at least I knew I could squash anyone who laughed at it.

Menopausal New Mom said...

Hi, I couldn't find an email contact for you but yes, please link back to my charity post. I really like getting the word out and hope that I can inspire at least one other person to do something for the less privileged children in their area. I have two more charity things that I do that I will blog about, one next week, the last on the week after. Thanks and yes, get those entries in for those earrings, I draw for them on Sunday but will be closing the comments on Saturday night.


hey jingle dingle until you cants jingle dingle no more! thanks for the shout out!

shortmama said...

I think the same thing about the horn when I have to use the one on my truck! Thanks for joining in!

Emmy said...

Great letters once again! But I must admit I have no idea what Beaujolais Noveau is. Guess I had better do some googling.

Desert Rose said...

Glad my trucks horn works loudly..for some reason it gets some use..crazy drivers out there..too much of a hurry to care how they are driving..thus, my loud horn gets heard! Moooove it!

Cassie said...

Not drinking the Beaujolais Noveau was the one downer to being pregnant over the Holidays. Okay so it's not the only downer but that's a whole other post.

MiMi said...

I totally get the SUV horn. What's up with those things?! Jingle Dingle is hilarious, I cracked up when I first read it at SFTC. :)

JennyMac said...

Jingle Dingle cracked me up almost as much as your Tiny Toot. A big ride like that needs a manly horn.

Sarah said...

I love the Tiny Toot Toot phrase :)

Jules said...

I drive a VW beetle and the horn actually sounds like it comes from a much bigger vehicle.

Thanks for the info on that giveaway.


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