Thursday, December 17, 2009

Letters to Someone - Secret Santa Edition

Every Thursday is Letters to Someone. Today I'll just have to say that I am better late than never. We'll go with that. I'm writing today in honor of the super fantastic Secret Santa Soiree hosted by Georgie and Amy.  These ladies worked hard to organize more than 100 participants for an exchange.  Thank you so much!

Dear Secret Santa ~

Will you marry me?  You really outdid yourself and I am so, so grateful for your generosity and thoughtfulness.  I realized AFTER I ripped open your package like a six year old on my birthday carefully examined my parcels that you really took the time to find out what makes me smile.  Everything in the box was perfect.  Perfect.  And I was delighted.  You even sent something for my deranged dogs.  That's too sweet!  Even my dogs love you now. 

I opened this first and I would have been OK with this all by itself.  Such salty sweet perfection.

Then I opened this.  They smell terrific.  I heart candles.  But you knew that.

And for the dogs.  You are amazing.  Kate and Kramer say thank you!

And if I weren't madly in love already, I opened this . . .
Did I tell you I love you?
Personalized stationery is the way to my heart.  You permanently live there now

Merry Christmas, Santa!  I'll see you at the altar.
There won't be any letters next week.  I will be in a bliss coma and loving Christmas day with my family.  God Bless you and your families for a blessed holiday and a happy, healthy New Year.

Mrs. Montoya


MiMi said...

Great stuff! Have a WONDERFUL week!

Emmy said...

Great package! Yes I think many of us will be taking at least some of next week off. So excited for Christmas!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

What a great SSS package. The person who sent that to you must have really scoured your blog to find out how much you love all those things. And really had fun doing it. And decided that if you two didn't live on polar opposites of the US, that she would love to hang out with you.

She'd let you pet her wieners too.
(How often do you get that kind of offer??)

Hallie :)

(And yes, I just revealed myself as your SSS buddy. Georgie said we could!!!)

meredith said...

love the secret santa gifts!!

merry merry christmas to you, too!!! :)

shortmama said...

Your santa did amazing!!

Kritta22 said...

What an awesome SSS present! You are a lucky girl! And the puppies too!

Tooj said...

Junior Mints!!!!!!!!

Thoughtfulness goes SUCH a long way.


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