Friday, September 19, 2008

Super What?

It's official - my cape has been lost. I took it off earlier to help me wade through the 8 million loads of laundry littering the baskets in my house and I just can't seem to find it again.

Sometimes it has an enormous M on it for Super Mom. That's definitely not today. Max is struggling with being a first grader in a fifth grade world (at recess, that is). Pia is not sleeping as punishment to me for working too hard. And I am certain that I have no idea what is best for either one of them and I will be directly responsible for ruining their lives.

Sometimes my cape has a fancy little f on it for friend. That's not today either. I did devour sushi with my dear, dear friend Amy, but I think my cape was already lost by then. We just shared calories today! It's my Ya Ya's birthday and we sang to her on the phone this morning, but I didn't get around to getting a card in the mail to her from Arizona this week and feel terrible. I don't think I should be looking for that cape today.

There are even days when my cape has a big, bold W on it for Super Wife. Seeing as how today is my first day in town since Monday I think the title is lost. It seems somehow when the other party is not available to make life easier, say something sweet and end the day together the "Super" label needs to be re-earned. I'm sure that's not the cape I was wearing before I got buried in laundry.

Then there's cape with the B. It could mean Super Boss, but after this week's trip, I am confident that there's no one on my team thinks the that Boss is what a Big B stands for. It's my least favorite of the titles I wear, so I can live without finding that one right now.

So where to go in search of my Super Hero, Super Fun, Super Charged cape to roll into a Friday night? It's definitely not in the bottom of our laundry baskets, I have tried that - several times so far. I didn't find it at the grocery store, but that was a good start. At least we have vegetables in the house again. Maybe I'll find it when I pick up my babes from school. We seem to lose a lot of money there, our dignity sometimes and our kids for several hours a day. That might be the ticket. If the cape's not there, I give up.

I will have to settle for wearing Max & Pia's hugs, Ed's warm smile and a pair of flip flops through the weekend. Sometimes that's all a San Clemente girl needs at the end of a week like mine! Love and hugs to you and yours for a Super Weekend, too!

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