Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to School

We officially have two KIDS ~ one in First Grade, one in Pre-Kindergarten. No more babies, no more toddlers ~ kids! Max cruised right into first grade this morning with a wave over his shoulder and a thumbs up to me (as I choked back tears). He was part of the student body as they started their morning with the pledge of allegiance and then filed into their classrooms.

I then had to drive home and try to drag Pia out of bed and get her dressed for her first day. She is not as big a fan of school as Max and wasn't quite as interested to get up and out. After several tries we found something that she was willing to wear, we slicked her hair to her head and agreed on a pair of shoes. These are MAJOR accomplishments with Pia. Once we left the house she happily went on her way and joined her class (already in progress) quietly.

Ed and I have started researching private schools for her to begin Kindergarten next year and for Max to start second grade. I don't think we'll have an opportunity to get them started this year, but after this morning, I think a uniform sounds mighty good . . . And, of course, the faith based curriculum, special interest offerings and controlled class sizes.

I am sure we're going to miss the casual schedule of summer sometime soon, but I am pleased to get everyone back on track. Happy Back to School to you and your gang, too! Have a great week!

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