Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11/01 ~ We will not forget

My dear husband left for the airport at 4 AM this morning and was catching a non~stop flight from LA to New York City. I would not be honest if I didn't tell you that my heart dropped and I flashed back to that terrible time in 2001 where our whole country watched in horror as our own Commercial aircraft were used against us. Will my heart let me believe that it's going to happen again 7 years later? Not entirely. Does it make me sad to think of all of those families who started their days like any other and had their lives changed forever? Absolutely.

Max was happy to put on his red, white & blue for Patriot Day at school. The Principal said he should and he took it as gospel. I don't know how or when to share with him the terrible things that happened on this date the year I was pregnant with him, so I just hugged him tight and told him that I was proud of his patriotism. Pia, of course, got in on the action. I am a proud American this morning and felt good walking the kids to school.

Please say a quick prayer for Ed's safety today (and my Ya Ya who's flying here from Tampa) and those families who dread this day coming around every single year. God Bless the USA

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