Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"That" Girl

It's official, I've become "That Girl".

That Girl is a phrase that I coined after my friend, Laura, who is her husband's wife ~ first and foremost in her life, without apologies. I used to laugh at her because she was not shy about saying how much she needed her husband in every way. She needed him to change light bulbs, she needed him to bring her ice cream in bed when she was pregnant . . . She is the first person to say that she is not complete without her husband. That used to be so funny to me. I thought it was super cute, but I truly did not get it. Way back then (7+ years ago) I was a super independent, hard-working, newlywed that loved her husband, but I definitely did NOT need him. Not anymore . . .

Now I am That Girl. I can't sleep when Ed's not home. I don't know where our checkbook is (that's actually ridiculous, I know). I need him to have the Laker game on really loud after dinner. I need him to brush his teeth and check e-mail while I am reading in bed. I need him to kiss me goodnight. I truly, deeply miss him when I am not here and even more when is the one away from home.

Giggle first, and then say a little prayer for me. I hardly slept at all last night and Ed's not home until tomorrow. I miss my guy, because I'm That Girl. I am SO lucky!

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