Thursday, June 5, 2008

End of the Season

We had a great time at Max's last baseball game yesterday and the End of Season party that followed. The boys got to play their final game "machine pitch" with the balls coming to them mechanically instead of being aimed right at their bat by their own coach. Everyone did great and they loved it! Max and I have both admitted to being sad the season is over and I am sure that Ed and Pia will miss it, too. Actually, Pia will be thrilled. She has complained for weeks about going to Max's games. Poor girl! The rest of Max's female fan club is going to miss the chance to cheer for him every week.

Each boy got a pennant with his name on it last night and a phrase that fits them. "Most improved" "Big Hitter" Max's was very funny and way too appropriate . . .

This isn't just playtime folks. This is baseball.

Sounds like Montoya to me. Until next season . . .

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