Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pride and Joy

On any given day,

you could say that he is PRIDE

and she is JOY

Or vice versa. 

It's absolutely true that they are my pride and joy.  They are so incredibly good and bright and such unique and wonderful blessings to the world.

But as of late, there is a new sense of pride and a long forgotten joy floating on the periphery of soccer games and teacher conferences.  There is a sweet sense of peace that was so sadly missing for just a little too long.

Pride of self for making a change instead of continuing to talk about how much I needed the change. 

Joy in all the little things that have the time to be valued now.

Being home is good.  Being present is joyous.

There was a recent period of time in my family's history that I was not present and I am not proud.  However, until I jump out of an airplane without a working parachute I will not live with any regret.  I do not regret the poor professional choice that I made, because I am stronger, smarter and more resolved than ever.  And now I am here.

Right here, right now and fully able to appreciate all of the goodness that it is mine.  Fully present in my own PRIDE and JOY

 and truly, deeply thankful.

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